IATF / AIAG: Control Plans and CC / SC requirements


I have a unique and messy situation involving a print with 40+ dimensions defined as SCs. Realistically all of the dimensions are not truly SCs but customer negotiations failed to remove SC identifiers from the print. We worked with our customer and defined which features we will gage in process. The other features will be proven out by a one time capability at initial PPAP (Product Validation).

My question is if there are specific IATF or AIAG requirements that state we must note SCs being validated at launch only within the control plan. My thought process here is that since we have defined these features in our customer approved launch validation plan and that they will not be checked / controlled in process I would not note them in the control plan. Our customer is fine with this and our PPAP submission but an auditor does not seem to be ok with this. Thoughts?


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I have been out of automotive for a while, but could you add those to a pre-launch control plan and omit them on the production control plan?


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Ford have good proces named" special charecteristics cascading agreement". try to google "SCCAF" or "SCAAF" and maybe create internal document to sighn with customer representative. In 2 words- document list all characteristics from desighn side with marks is it special char or not from customer point of view- and supplier company(you) lists upfront each one a control method, and process conclusion is process variation has impact or not- meaning accept of SC or not. this document might be as an evidence of mitigation process for auditor as well - if customer dont want to redraw drawing but you need to eliminate amount of special char. for production


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Pre-launch control plan is transformed into mass production control plan, when activities limited to pre-launch prove, that process is mature and ready to deliver products required by customer and your organization.
You have to have these SC in mass production control plan too, I am sorry.
What you can do is to play with inspection frequency, but it depends on process characteristics affecting these product characteristics.
This relation is identified during PFMEA.
You have to mention these SCs during re-qualification too.
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