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IATF certificate suspended - Who do we notify?


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Hello, We are at risk of losing our Q1 status with Ford. Based on their rules, we will be at a suspended status with our registration body. I have searched high and low to determine if we have to notify our other customers of our IATF status. Can you please advise?

"This notification of the Certification Body will constitute a "customer claim" as defined by the ISO/TS 16949 Rules. This step will suspend organization's ISO/TS 16949 certification" ( page 41).
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Howard Atkins

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From the rules
8.3 Certificate suspension decision
Certificate suspension is a temporary status not exceeding 110 calendar days {see section 8.8 flowchart for a list of activities}, which results in either the reinstatement or withdrawal of the certificate. During the suspension period, the certificate remains valid and is still recognized by the IATF.

You do not need to notify anyone.

You should always ask you certification body as they are the one who will suspend your certificate.

Typically after a Major your certificate is suspended as well

If the initiation of the certificate decertification process is related to 8.1 c} {containing a major non conformity} or 8.1 e {surveillance audit not conducted on time}, the certificate decision shall be to suspend the client certificate.


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Some customers require that you do notify them when your cert is suspended. If one of yours does, it should be in their Customer Specific Requirements.
Please clarify.. are your Q1 at risk or is it revoked?
If its revoked you need to Inform your cb within 5 days and suspension is required.

If your Q1 is at risk you do not need to contact your CB, its just à Yellow card.


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HI Greg,

It is at risk, we were issued a stop- ship and I believe that will bring our points below the threshold.

Thank you for asking and your assistance :)
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