IATF Certification Rules - "Rules for Achieving IATF Recognition" 2nd edition soon?


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Is there a "wild fire" that the Automotive Certification Scheme for ISO/TS 16949:2002 : "Rules for Achieving IATF Recognition" will undergo its 2nd. edition soon???

Our TS auditor told us that IATF is working on the 2nd. Edition of this "Rule" that require an additional "audit" for readiness before the actual initial / certiifcation audit.

It was mentioned that there will be one document review audit, followed by readiness audit. If necessary NCRS will be issued for these two audits. The auditing organization have to address corrective actions to address the NCRs and closed by the auditors before the actual initial certification audit have to be conducted.

Does anyone heard this "change of wind"?


I would seriously doubt that a mandatory practice audit is being considerd. The existing "rules" describe the methods for submission of documents to your CB. Any competant CB should be able to determine by review whether or not you are ready for the certification audit.
As for the certification audit, all open NCR's must be closed prior to receiving a certificate. And if you read the fine print of your contract you will find that the CB can, at your expense, return to verify major NCR's.


Whoa, there are some pretty significant changes there.

I'd recommend looking at the table of changes in the back first, instead of reading through the whole thing trying to spot them like I did... :bonk:


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Meeting in Detriot

Is it true that all the CB representatives are now in Detriot (IAOB/AIAG office) to discuss about the draft of TS Rules 2nd. Edition?

Any idea when the 2nd. edition will be published and enforced?

Kim Yong Kil

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final draft for IATF certification Rule

IATF issued certification rule 2nd edition on May 31, 2004.( Only Final draft!!)
The Final draft have many seriously changes to requirements for TS CB.
I have a the final draft what issued by IATF.
Let me know your E-mail.. I will send to you for your reference..


Yong-Kil, Kim([email protected])
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The IATF will require that document and readiness reviews be conducted on site (which I feel is the only way). This must be minimum one day and will require an assessment of readiness as we;; as required documentation. This was always a requirement except it was not mnadated to be on site. This should be able to be perfromed in one day as long as there are not more than one site or if there is a Corporate scheme, it may take more time. The Registrar will let you know what they will review, but it is already outlined in the scheme rules. I would be prepared for the Registrar so it could be performed in one day.


BTW, in some recent email correspondence with the AIAG, I was told that the 2nd edition "Rules" document will be effective in 12/04.