IATF Rules for COVID 5th revision - Re-certification audit timing


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Hi, Can anyone help me decipher the new timing rules for the IATF Covid Rules? I am specifically interested in the re-certification audit timing. My plant is between 2020 and 2021 Rules. I am unsure which will need to apply. Does the audit due 120 days before the extended expiry still apply?

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Your best move forward is to talk to your CB and they will advise you on what your options are.

The situation with my organization is that while our certificate has been extended by 6 months our due date for re-certification cannot be moved despite our last surveillance audit was delayed by 5 months.

It's quite a mess and the rules can/will change at any moments notice. Best of luck.


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When IATF allowed remote audits in the fifth edition the withdrawn the ability to get waivers for moving audits forward in time.
If you have an issued waiver it is still valid but if you do not you need to follow timelines stated in IATF Rules ( audit and certification cycle) and conduct the audit remote if onsite is not option. In this case you do not have any value of the 6 month certificate extension.

Hope you have a valid waiver :)


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Thanks for the replies. We are in process of changing CB in 2020 so I would hope the previous CB got the applicable waivers. If they didn't, we would already have been flagged I'm sure :)
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