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IATF Sanctioned Interpretation No. 7 - Type and Extent of Control (supplemental)

Ajay Akole

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As per Sanctioned interpretation no. 7; Clause: Type and extent of control - supplemental
Where characteristics or components “pass through” the organization’s quality management system without validation or controls, the organization shall ensure that the appropriate controls are in place at the point of manufacture.

Please help me regarding - What is mean by “Pass through” Characteristics or components

Johnny Quality

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This is my view on "Pass through" components.

Apparently number plate plinths are thrown into the boot of cars and assembled by the dealer, we make such parts for our customers (tier 1's). Our customer does nothing with them; they simply buy our product and sell it to their customer - the OEM. For our customer the number plate plinth "passes through" without validation or control, or at least I assume it to. I know for a fact in some cases they supply their customer in our packaging.

I hope this helps
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