Ideas for Poka Yoke or Improvement - Aluminum FOD in Assembly




This is my first post here, in this great community so do not take hard on me if i posted at wrong forum section.

About customer complaint, we have a long time problem with aluminum chips leftover inside chanells in product; specify i m speaking about aluminium compressor housings which have rounded volute for bigger air pressure before air reaches air outlet and goes to intercooler.

Chip breakers are not suitable since material is AlSi7 (soft aluminium) and affects a lot to roughness and other dimensions, so we rely on visual inspection which is bad solution.
Please can someone give advice or help with some examples.

Thank you


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a little more about your this a high volume line, are the filings as a result of CNC, machining center, manual machining....?? Are these automotive turbo housings or air compressor assemblies?


This is a high volume lines, filling are result of turning operation (chip breakers do not work efficient due to soft aluminium - AlSi7Mg) the most and less from milling and drilling operation.
Product is turbocompressor housing.


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Not knowing what the product looks like would a compressed air station work to blow the chips out? A water submersion and wire brush? Both would be an additional process step.
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