Ideas to keep quotes for consulting service accurate on not inflated

John Broomfield

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Passing an audit!

Human nature I know but we should want our auditors to find and report well-crafted nonconformities.

System weaknesses we have overlooked or decided to live with.

That I suggest is how we obtain value from audit.


Captain Nice
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Tells us if our QMS numbering system matched the standard this would go much faster.
Yeah - It's nice to have your business systems set up for the convenience of the auditor... :sarcasm:

This is unfortunate as my bet is the auditor is not doing value added auditing.

This is the type of experience that turns companies off with respect to the value of registration and audits in general.

He also told a colleague of mine if she has a baby she should be at home and not in the office!
Oh, my. In this day and age that should be a "never come back" cause. I'd have a chat with your registrar. That's a liability for your company if she finds out even though it's the registrar's "representative", contract or direct employee.

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