IDEF0 / IDEF3 as ISO 9001:2000 documentation? Implementation of IDEF0 or IDEF3




As a member of the quality team in a military (NATO) software maintenance/development organization, I was asked to look at the different options to make our quality system (ISO 9001 based) more "process oriented" and to extend its description to "non-core" (support) processes.

I was very much seduced by the tandem IDEF0/IDEF3 approach see A structured approach to enterprise modeling and analysis Could anybody give me practical information on the implementation of IDEF0 or IDEF3 in his/her organization ?
I'd be also very much interested in a real life example of IDEF0/IDEF3 charts (preferably in a software organization).
Finally, has anybody tried to actually use (adapt) the IDEF0-3 documentation set as (base for) a quality manual ?

I know I'm asking a lot, but thanks in advance.

Jean-Philippe Hubin

Al Dyer

I took a quick look through the web site and it looks like a powerfull set of features. I can't help you but maybe we can find someone in the forum.

Any takers!



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I realize this is a very old post. But does anyone have experience using IDEF0 and 3 for development and documentation of processes as part of a QMS? And is it recommended ahead of traditional process flow diagrams?

My two cents, it has better functionality than traditional process flow diagrams and can easily be converted into UML for simulations, although does have a bit of a steeper learning curve.
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