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Identification and Traceability with an ERP system - Barcode Labels?

My question is regarding 8.5.2 Identification and Traceability. With ERP systems going so paperless if a company puts a bar code label with the traceability info on at receiving and it cannot be moved until acceptance, do they have to identify the physical product with acceptance sticker? Or is it sufficient to be able to scan and check in the ERP system the status?
The bar code is the traceable tag so long as your written procedures, instructions, and policies reflect the way you are doing it everything should be fine. Just make sure your ERP system is tracking properly and everyone who needs/should have the information has access to it.


Looking for Reality
FWIW, going "barcode only" is a higher risk scenario than segregation or visual labeling.

I'm all for barcodes when efficient, but I would still mark defective goods and segregate them out of normal process flow.
With barcoding, you've covered trace-ability (assuming your system works)...but you have not prohibited or warned against inadvertent use of defective goods.
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