Identifying Causes (book chapter 4 on problem solving)


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The equivalent term used in ICH-document is RPN:- risk priority number [the calculation/formula used is exactly the same as suggested for OPN, the multiplication of all the three components of risk]

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Hi Craig,

Nice work -- nice of you to post it.

One comment:

You slam the term "root cause" pretty hard. You don't have to define it as going back to the big bang. You can easily define root cause and contributing causes such that we can address multiple causes and still avoid creationism vs. evolution as the two potential root causes. :bigwave:


Dear Colleagues

Help please to find the topic about Cause and effect diagramme, I'm creating some training material about 4M->5Why the main concept is avoid Jump To Conclusions thinking so If 5 why can be traced back with "because" and 4m can be traced like "If that will hapent will it always lead to the problem?" So the material how to make CORRECT RCA if you know where to find please tell :)
Actually i was thinkin it's in that article ..... But you have a very good and simple explanation of 5W1H and Brainstorming technicks, very simple and clear! Thanks!
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