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Identifying Technologies for Non Destructive Examination of steel brazed joints

This is an old topic that I am hoping may have some new solutions.
I am working with a brazed joint of dissimilar steels.

Simplified, it’s a ¼” thick small pipe inserted 1 inch into a ¼” thick large pipe with a .005” clearance all around prior to braze.

Brazed joints are commonly tested by shear test or by sectioning and bending through a specific range of motion. The joint fracturing when subjected to the specified load or bend angle indicates a Pass. Presence of excessive voids or poor adhesion would result in a fracture. These tests are destructive.

I have explored radiographic examination to avoid destroying the assembly. Cost of capital for a full indoor isolated lab with x-ray equipment and cost of outsourcing are both prohibitive.

I have explored ultrasonic examination. The large size of the area to be tested makes manual use of small probes time consuming and difficult to quantify.

Are community members aware of any other technologies I could explore for effectiveness and cost?
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