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IEC 60601-1: 2012 - Subclause 11.3 - Constructional Requirements for Fire Enclosures



Good afternoon everyone,

My company is actually concerning on IEC 60601-1 constructional requirements for fire enclosures.
We are currently encountering many difficulties in being compliant with FV-1 requirement for wires flammability classification of IEC 60601-1:2005.
In its A.4, IEC 60601-1:2012 has introduced a newer section in subclause 11.3 rationale , taking into account IEC 60950:2005 and showing which flame resistance requirements for wire insulation have to be met to be IEC 60950-1 compliant.

Does it mean that, being compliant with listed 60950 requirements for wire insulation, we can avoid compliance to FV-1 requirements deriving from 60601-1:2005?

The question arises from the fact that, according to our interpretation, it would be enough to have PVC (or other listed material in 2012 rationale) insulated cables, and would no longer be necessary to use FV-1 classified cables (as required by 60601-1:2005). But we would like to know whether our interpretation is the right one.

Please forgive me for my english.

Thank you,



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Re: IEC 60601-1: 2012 - Subclause 11.3 - Constructional Requirements for Fire Enclosu

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Can someone help?

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Re: IEC 60601-1: 2012 - Subclause 11.3 - Constructional Requirements for Fire Enclosu

Hei Matchiap,

you should know that cl. 11.3 is not a strict mandatory requirement of IEC 60601-1 from ed. 3.0 on. Its one possibility to wave single fault tests of your device according to cl. 13.1.2. So in general you only need a fire enclosure if you want to wave single fault tests of cl. 13.2.1 or a single fault test causes a fire inside your device and you strictly need the fire enclosure.

You'll find some mor information in this thread:
IEC & UL 60601-1 Plastics Flammability - Guidance on flame-rated plastics usage (as I only have 5 posts now I am not allowed to put links in posts yet).

Hope this helps you
I would like to ask about your opinion on an unclear formulation in IEC 60601-1:2005 on what a fire enclosure should look like.

The standard states requirements for the bottom side of an enclosure quite comprehensively. However there is nothing there about the top part and not much about its sides (see 11.3).

Therefore some people could conclude that it is enough if there is a bottom part (like the PCB in the picture) and there are no sides and no top. The PCB is FV0 and has no holes and fulfils the 5 degrees condition from all sources of potential fire.

Even the attached picture from the standard indicates just the importance of the bottom, not other parts.

Do you think one could interpret the wording of the standard so that there are no sides and no top part and still it might be considered a fire enclosure?

Thank you
Mira Jira


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