IEC 60601-1 - Power Supply Cords (Section

Roshan khandare

Dear All,
In IEC 60601-1 for power cord section following point is mention. Application
The MAINS PLUG of ME EQUIPMENT shall not be fitted with more than one POWER SUPPLY CORD.

So if any equipment has more than one power supply cord so it is comply or not comply. If EUT has two detachable power cord.



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For those of us not in the field but following medical device discussions, EUT = ?


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EUT = Electrical Unit Under Test?

To the original question, I feel like the question of a detachable cord is a red herring. ME devices can (and do) have detachable cords... having two detachable cords (e.g. a spare) would not make the device non-compliant with 60601-1. My understanding is that compliance to 60601-1 mandates that the ME device only have 1 connection to the MAINS. I suppose it could be also addressing trying some weird trick that would involve fuses/circuit breakers in parallel.

For example: for a cooler/heater, you could not have one MAINS connection for the cooler and another MAINS connection for the heater and then another MAINS connection for the pumps.
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