IEC 60601-1 Testing for Multiple Socket Outlet (MSO)

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karthika subramaniam


One of our product is under IEC 60601-1 testing, in which we are using Multiple Socket to provide power to CPU and Monitor from machine.

Regulatory Board, Test Lab is asking for IEC 60884-1 certificate for MSO which we don't have. We have completed EMC/I testing. If we change MSO, there will be impact on EMC/I testing as well.

Is there any way out to continue the testing with MSO.

Taking reference to 4.8 and risk management process.

Please help


I think the best that I can suggest is to contact your supplier of the MSO - or perhaps direct to the manufacturer of the MSO.

One other idea - does your MSO have a UL recognition number on it? (something like Exxxxx - where xxxxx are digits).

If so you can use that number to search the UL database here:

UL Online Certifications Directory

With proof of UL recognition that can (sometimes!) be enough for a test lab requirement.

karthika subramaniam

HI.., Have already verified and it is not UL certified
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