IEC 60601-2-25 Reference to 60601-1 2nd Edition


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Standard 60601-2-25:1993+A1:1999 is valid until 2018, but it has reference to old void 60601-1:1988 2nd edition medical standard. So, can I use 2nd ed. 601 as general standard of 601-2-25 for ecg testing? I don't have old 601 so I wonder if it is worth buying one. Or 2nd and 3rd ed. 601 tests (defibrillation tests, leakage measurement) used for ecg approval are the same?


It somewhat depends what you are trying to do. The electrical tests are all but identical from Edition 2 to 3, (some terms have changed - enclosure leakage = touch current) but fundamentally they remain the same.

What you may find useful is IEC TR 62348:2006. This contains tables that 'map' between the requirements of Edition 2 and 3 (both directions). Although the 2006 version is marked as withdrawn it is still available as a free download.
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