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IEC 60601 7.1.3 Durability of Markings - Methylated Spirit or Ethanol?

I'm in need of a sanity check: I seem to recall that there was a change to test method in 60601-1, 7.1.3 (Durability of markings) from using a rag soaked in methylated spirit, to 96% ethanol.

However, the version I'm looking at (EVS-EN 60601-1:2006+A1:2013+A12:2014) still refers to "methylated spirit".

Am I mis-remembering this being a change, or is the version I'm referencing outdated?

Turns out the version I have does not incorporate the changes directly in the main text, separates out descriptions of the ammendments. :cautious:

So, what I have been referencing all this time is just the 2006 text. In the ammendment description I can confirm that it indeed says: "In existing list item b), replace "methylated spirit" with "ethanol 96 %"".

My bad. :uhoh:
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