IEC 61326 Functional Performance



I need to test a piece of medical lab equipment that has several embedded sensors and a connected but external scale. There isn't a lot in IEC 61326-1 about justifying functional performance except for Par. 5.4 so I looked in BS EN 61326-2-3 that talks about transducers and Par. 5.2.1 talks about what I'm looking for but says the distance between the monitoring system and the EUT should be at least 1,5 m. In this case our scale is like Fig 101 and there is an attached 15" cable with power and a serial data connection that plugs directly into our system so the 1.5m cable doesn't fit. Is there some way around this?

Thanks for any info.


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From the sound of it, the external scale is part of the EUT.
In this case, the 1.5 m distance is not relevant as you test the EUT as you supply it
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