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IEC EN 60601-2-25 subclause Channel Crosstalk (ECG Multichannel Crosstalk)

Is +300 mV and/ or -300mV DC offset added to the triangular waveform?

It is unclear from reading whether a 300 mV DC offset is applied in series with the triangle wave.

In addition, the test does not explicitly mention the DC offset, but it does say the switch S3 is in position A (as per General Test Circuit of Fig. 201.106). So, if we are supposed to add the DC offset then that leaves the question of polarity of the DC offset open. Do we repeat all the tests for +300 mV and -300 mV? There is no mention of this or switch S4 in the test description (S4 changes the polarity of the 300 mV DC supply).

Aside: 300mV was apparently not added at UL Bangalore during the crosstalk pretest, but that may be irrelevant.
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