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If ew(t)=2339, how do I find T? Please help on Maths Problem


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Hi All,

i need some help to solve the maths equation.

please see attached pic.

If ew(t)=2339, how do i find T?

please show me the workings or T=.......

showing the final ans does not help me.

Thanks a million.


Tim Folkerts

Super Moderator
I don't know that there will be any way to invert this function (at least not any easy way).

If I were doing this, I would
1) calculate ln(2339) and substitute into the equation
2) create a spreadsheet to calculate the value of right hand side of the equation for various values of T
3) Look for places where the right hand side is close to ln(2339) ~ 7.76
4) recalculate using values of T in that neighborhood to get a more accurate estimate of T

NOTE: There could potentially be several solutions, so you might have to look for a while to make sure the first solution you find is not the only solution.

Steve Prevette

Deming Disciple
Staff member
Super Moderator
Another option is to use a non-linear optimization routine, such as Excel's "Solver" input. Subtract 2339 from the right hand side, and use that as the objective function. Tell the Solver to give a value for T such that the right hand side is as close to zero as it can get. You may have to start from several different starting values for T, as non-linear optimizations can sometimes get "stuck" on local sub-optimal values.
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