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I'm a total novice looking for some help.

I would like to enter a date into a cell in sheet 2-14 and have a specific cell in sheet 1 have a tick (check) mark. If no date entered then no tick.

Can anyone help me with this please?


hi, using the IF formula is a good idea. This formula will be in your cell no1. It will be like IF(cell2-14 contains XYZ,"tick", <leave empty>).
Best thing is to check online tutorials for the edition of Excel you're using to make sure you've got the right format.


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The "Tick mark" will be a bit involved...but having it give a value or text is not so hard:
The difference being one is a symbol, and the other is a value.
Both are possible.

{I'll assume the cell where the date goes is cell A113}
For the cell where you want the result...put the IF in as
=IF(A113 > 0 , "tick" , "" )

If you want the result to be text, you need the quotations around the result.
If you want the result to be a number, you do not need the quotes.
The "" end result is the character for {blank}.


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I usually use an "X" rather than a tick mark. There is probably a check mark in the special character list, but is a pain to try to deal with.


=+IF(O347=0,"",CHAR(252)) or =+IF(O347=0,"",?)

and changing the character format to Wingdings

change O347=0 to the comparison that suits you.
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