If Japan Can?Why Can?t We? (Claire Crawford-Mason)



Hello all,
I would appreciate if someone can help me to find in the web sources (YouTube and such) to find the NBC White Paper "If Japan Can? Why Can?t We?"
It's related to Dr. Deming and his history and how the quality growth at the early 80's


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Re: If Japan Can?Why Can?t We?

Have you tried a google search?

I just put your thread title into google and got a treasure trove including video, Youtube and transcripts...


Re: If Japan Can?Why Can?t We?

I sure did,
I received nothing that I needed.
Unfortunately, I can't find it just as it was broadcast

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Re: If Japan Can?Why Can?t We?

Try googling for "Claire Crawford-Mason". She was the show's producer and there is a lot out there that she and her husband put together. I am not sure if you will find a free copy of the original broadcast however. Never hurts to send Claire an email and ask though.
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