I'm baaaaaack !


Still plugging along
Just a quick shout out to all my old buddies that after a 10 year absence, I am back in the world of quality!!!

Did my tours of duty in HSE and NPD, and now back digging into QMS. Something a little bit different this time: ISO/IEC 17025....! Supposed to get it up and running and accredited by summer 2013. I'm not a lab rat so this is new to me and I'll be spending a lot of time here reading up on it. Looking forward to finding new road kill recipes too if you've been holding back on them. :lol:
(BTW, my user name is not the same as previously, so just think back to "scuba girl" and a totally unworthy but nonetheless former "super moderator" and maybe you'll remember me!)
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Welcome back from me, too. It has been a few years. It sounds like you're doing OK.


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Wow, I had lost conact with her. Luncinda helped us find our house when we left California back in '03 and I've had dinner with her a couple times in Houston.

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