I'm baaaaaack !


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Thanks everyone, good to be back!

(Randy, don't you ever check your fan club thread? You are in major league trouble for sneaking in and out of town without calling me the last few years....)

Marc handled a user name change for me a few years ago so I could go incognito , you know, .....trying to mask my former angsts from the current employer, so shhhhhhh:notme: I don't think we'll be too successful at it though with my real name appearing in all sorts of quotes and responses from the old days, hahahhah!

Seriously, this place is like a time warp and I'm delighted that so many of my old friends are still here. It is almost as if time stopped and has restarted.

With ISO 17025 I suppose Hershal is going to be my new best friend??? I will definitely be seeking more advice than giving for awhile. But I'll share whatever I create with anyone else treading the same path.

See you all around! ;)
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Well fiddle, I thought you had tossed us (and me) off.

Now that I'm an RC auditor I'll be in Houston more.

I've still got you number unless its been changed


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Just a quick shout out to all my old buddies that after a 10 year absence, I am back in the world of quality!!!

Did my tours of duty in HSE and NPD, and now back digging into QMS.

Hi Jodie; can you please tell me what you thought of HSE and why you returned to quality and not HSE? thanks
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Hi kgott,

I liked HSE just fine. It was a never-ending battle and there was some frustration that accidents will happen no matter what you do. But it was also rewarding in the amount of contact that I had with my colleagues and that there was always something new that we could try to make things safer.

I'm back into a quality role because our laboratories need to establish an ISO/IEC 17025 program and I was ready for a fresh opportunity. It landed in my lap out of the blue. My skillset is in policy and program building so this was a good fit. If an equally enticing offer been made by HSE, I would have considered it. Guess that makes me a floozy! :lol:
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