I'm looking for old publications of European Quality in pdf


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I'm looking for old pubblication of European Quality in pdf, for example the editions were were the pictures of Juran, Feigenbaum and Crosby. I have collected just the picture of them but probably there were others picture. If someone have collected the others would be great having the pdf of the others picture.

European Quality was one of the world's longest-established journals of business excellence. Since 1993, European Quality focused on delivering high level case studies and articles on all aspects of Total Quality Management (TQM), human resource strategy, brand effectiveness, Business Process Measurement (BPM), Quality Control (TQC), Six Sigma, Value Based Management (VBM) Organisational Excellence and Quality Assurance (QA). European Quality also covers performance measurement models such as the EFQM Excellence Model, Balanced Business Scorecard (BSC), Investors in People accreditation (IiP), ISO 9000 series for product and service delivery and ISO 14000 environmental management systems (EMS). European Quality was official journal of the European Organization for Quality until 2002 and has enjoyed significant links at the highest levels of European Quality Policy. European Quality archives include detailed reports on winners and finalists of the European Quality Award (EQA) up to 2002, and case studies of companies which have adopted the EFQM Excellence Model. European Quality welcomes contributions from everyone involved in organisational excellence, worldwide.


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Re: I'm looking for old pubblications of European Quality in pdf

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