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IMDS for double sourced component


Hello to all. First, thanks to all of you for making this forum possible. This is my first post as a member, In the past, however, I have come here to learn once in a while. Really, this forum is great.
I have a question on IMDS. I am implementing a double sourcing for a component I use as part of an automotive good.
Since I have two different suppliers I created a second IMDS - Completely new ID - which is approved on the IMDS portal. So now I have an "Old IMDS ID" for my current production, and a "New IMDS ID" for the production using the new sourced component. Customer part number is the same for both conditions.

Normally, a few days after achieving ID approval the "approved ID" reference becomes also visible on the customer quality management portal. This is not happening and I cannot find the reason. The quality guy from the customer side has blocked PPAP due to the lack of IMDS approved on customer portal.

So here are the questions

1.- Is it valid to have two IMDS IDs for a single customer part number?
I received recommendation from my IMDS approver to simply update the old IMDS ID adding the new source. I don't think it is right. In my mind I understand I have to always have an IMDS which is representative from my production.
So, If I have two sources, I believe I should keep two IMDS IDs. Am I wrong?

2.- Have any of you faced this problem before? I suppose it is fairly common to have companies with double material sources...

Any advice?

I hope this is clear. Thanks in advance.
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