IMDS for material - Can my Customer create one for my material?


We produce the PTFE powder (raw material). We supply it to semi-finished goods manufacturer for the automotive industry who has also a competence of milling it (to get smaller particle size). He had NEVER sent us IMDS request. Is it possible that he has registered our raw material under his own name in IMDS? Your comments are welcome!
It is PTFE - fluorpolymer powder. It has particle size 100 (for ex) they mill it and get 50 and call it with their name. Can they register it in IMDS as their own material? So we do not even know if it is used for automotive industry?


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Size or shape should have nothing to do with it, MDS only really looks at the weight that is used in a component. If it is "just" PTFE with no special additives or changes to make it uniquely yours, then it is just a combination of elements in a particular ratio. I just did a very simple search in the MDS system and found 4 different materials and 2 different semi-components with the name PTFE.
Thank for your comment. If they add something in fluorpolymer - it is called Compound and is registered by compound manufacturer, right? But what kind of "changes" they can do to make it their material? And how do IMDS or OEMs control this?

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