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IMDS - Help (Common Warning and Error Fixes)


I am having some trouble with IMDS, I have submitted information to a User of IMDS, but my submission contain the Warning Below "Different types of nodes (components, semi-components, materials) are used at the same level."
I have been using IMDS for some time and I have seen this warning but this has never stopped a User from accepting the IMDS Submission. I have been trying to read about the warning and fixes for it, but nothing is working. Has anyone ever dealt with this before, and know how to fix it??
Yes, I have send an email to the Help Desk. I have received no response as of about an hour ago. I have found on the online, common fixes to Errors and Warnings.
This the fix provided "Go to the component or semi-component in question and add a component or semi-component on the fly and add the rest underneath"
But it doesn't work I have tried to add new components and remove them, but I still have the same warning. As I have said I don't think the reject is valid, but I am trying to find a way to remove the warning.


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Did you check IMDS Recommendation 001? It discusses node structure. I have made that mistake before but I always corrected it before I tried to send it.


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Ok. It is tricky, especially when you get into assemblies.

Once you create a component module for your part, you can insert one or more semi component modules OR material modules OR other component modules underneath but you cannot mix them. So you can’t insert a semi component AND a component. You also cannot insert a material module AND another component or semi component.

Let me give you an example of one of our parts, a coiled spring assembly called Spring XYZ.

Spring XYZ assembly consists of a coiled spring made from steel wire which is painted black and then a plastic bushing is inserted into the end of the spring.

I would need the following material modules to start: A material module for the steel wire with the substances that make up the wire underneath, a material module for the paint coating with the substances that are in the paint listed underneath, a material module for the plastic that the bushing is made from with the substances listed underneath.

I create a component module called Bushing xyz and insert the material module for the plastic under it.

I create a Spring xyz module and insert the material module for the music wire AND the material module for the paint underneath that.

Now I assembly my part by creating a Spring XYZ Assembly component module. Under that, I insert the bushing xyz module and the spring xyz module.

Does this help?

I just stumbled across this question in a Google search. I wanted to let y'all know that you can reach out to me with any IMDS questions. I have been doing IMDS for 9 years for companies at all tiers in the supply chain making a variety of parts and assemblies.

The IMDS help desk deals with administrative issues. It is not intended to answer "How do I..." or "What does this mean?" questions.
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