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Kinda new to IMDS. Getting the error/warning "A polymer material (classification 5.1.b) should have at least two substances attached".

Does anyone know why this error occurs or how to get rid of it?

Apparently most people just ignore it but my boss claims it's an error and must be rectified.

If, in real life, the material is only made up of one basic substance, let's say for example, PTFE, then why can't we make a material with 100% PTFE in IMDS? This doesn't happen for other classifications like metal, only polymers.


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I would have the wire supplier correct their MDS and re-propose it to you.

They will have to correct it anyways.


I did that. Vendor has no idea how to fix it either. That's why I'm asking here.


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Try checking an MDS from another magnet wire supplier to see how they did it.

It does need to be corrected because the OEMs normally do not accept any warnings or errors.

Sorry I don't have anymore help.


I did that too. Some other vendors will put in 99% of the actual basic substance, and then put in 1% of "Misc - Not to declare". This removes the warning, but my boss tells me this is 'cheating' and I can't do it.

Still other vendors will just ignore the warning, because it's a 'warning', not an 'error', but again my boss says we have to fix warnings too.

I have also thought of switching basic substance from something like PTFE (teflon) to its actual elements like 40% Carbon, 10% Hydrogen, etc... I haven't seen a case where any other vendor did it that way, so I suspect that's not a typical solution.

Anyway I do thank you very much for your help.


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He created the Poliamideimide Enamel material in IMDS and classified it as a polymer, one of the Class 5 materials. Anything in that category has to be made of at least two substance that react in order to create a polymer material. If he doesn't know what two or more substances made up the Poliamideimide Enamel then he would have to use a different classification like 7.3, other compounds. The correct way to do it however is to find the composition of the enamel.


Yep. Ultimately I had my vendor determine the second substance and resubmit the MDS with more than one substance included. Apparently the prevailing belief within IMDS is that you can't have 100% pure plastics, they always have to have at least two kinds of stuff in them.

Thanks again you guys.


I know I'm a bit late to this discussion. I had a similar issue with a polyamide hot melt adhesive. The vendor verified that it was a pure polymer with no additives. Customers kept rejecting it because of the warning.

I emailed IMDS support and got the letter that I attached. In summary, a warning is not grounds for a rejection. The rejection "needs to be clearly motivated on why the cause of the warning is a reason for rejection".

That said, however, I can attest that you will continue to get rejections form many customers any time there is a warning - valid or not. One way to get around the warning is to simple add a small percentage, maybe 1%, as Misc, Not to declare. The data is still technically accurate as there is nothing to prevent the 1% Misc substance from being the same as the 99% reported substance.


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I have just started working with IMDS, and there are some confusions about polymer Material. Getting the error/warning: A material of classification 5.4.3 must contain at least 15% substances of the group "Chk: Named *poly* w/o polymers". The material composition was provided by the supplier.
Do I have the wrong material classification? Could you please provide some suggestions for me?


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