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Immigration: Going to Canada thru Agencies



Going to Canada thru Agencies

I know its kinda crazy to ask it here but I also planning to migrate in Canada. I'm looking for the sites and agency that will help me. Do you think it is advisable to get agencies service to apply or I will apply directly? Any referrals?



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Find the nearest Canadian consulate within your region or go on line to
I recall when I first applied for immigration to Canada at the consulate in London England. It was then, quite a long and laborious process.
I believe you shall be measured based on what skills you can bring into Canada. The biggest problem for new people in Canada is getting employment.
When entering Canada you first need to obtain a SIN # (Social Insurance Number) and then obtain a provincial health insurance card called OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) card in Ontario. the Canadian consulate has an information booklet that is handed to every new incomer to the country.
I would advise you to apply for landed imigrant status as, this status offers you access to the next step of becoming a Canadian citizen after @ two (2) years of permanent residence in Canada. You are however allowed to leave the country for a limit of six (6) months without this term affecting your 2 year period before applying for Canadian status.
Hope this helps.


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Al Rosen said:
And a weak link for the USA!
I fully agree Al.
Just goes to show you though, how so different this side of the border is to the USA.
FWIW, I am an ex pat Brit (Scot) who is proud to stand with the US when it comes to current world affairs.
No surrender

Carlos Echeverry



ask them if they have offices in your country. Basically if you:

* have a good career (and obviously can demostrate your education),
* a good english level (demostrate with THIS IS SPAM - PLEASE REPORT THIS POST test www.THIS IS SPAM - PLEASE REPORT THIS
* if perhaps you are married
* if you have some special amount of money depending how big is your family

then... you are IN for sure.

:) contactame en mi email y te doy mas informacion ;)
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