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Immigration permit for countries such as Korea



I had found that immigrants with the criminal history or background are restricted for the entry to the US. How about the other countries like Korea? How could the defendant charged with the care and control case can get the permit?


Captain Nice
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You would probably have to ask about each specific country, as I am sure each country has its specific laws with regard to immigration.

If it was me, I would look up on Google each specific country and see what their specific requirements are. Personally I have no idea what a "care and control" case is. My bet is you would have to contact the relevant authority in each country you are considering to ascertain whether you are eligible or not.

I will say that over the years I have investigated immigration to a number of different countries. I can not speak to the aspect of having a criminal record, but I can say all had some type of financial and/or other requirement such as investing in a business there.

If it was me and I had the money I would hire an immigration lawyer as the paths to entry vary even in an individual country. Most countries have immigration lawyers who can help - Of course, you're talking paying them for their services.


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I could be slightly clearer on the question but I'll say a little about how this relates to my own experience. I'm not an immigrant but I do live and work in Thailand, for 9 years now. Things change related to obtaining immigrant / permanent residence status, which I'll say a little about.

There is no background check here related to getting different kinds of visas or work permits. Someone could live out their life here as a non-resident worker without ever facing any review. Per my understanding to become a permanent resident, a different process, a criminal background check is required, although I wouldn't know what they are screening against, what findings or background is grounds for rejection. I'm not sure which category retirement visas fall into, if there is a similar screening for that or not.


Visas and work permit for South Korea are regularly recorded by the sponsoring business. Once an expat's work permit has been endorsed, the Ministry of Justice will issue a Certificate of Confirmation of Visa Issuance (CCVI). This authentication should then be submitted with the relevant visa application forms toward the South Korean embassy or office in the candidate's nation of residence.
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