Implementation of SPC - Gears - Hobbing, shaving, grinding is 5 to 50 microns



Dear friends,

We requires guidlines for making the procedure steps of stastical techniques
as per the ISO9002:94.

We are manufacturing automobile gears.
Tolerances in our product operation like hobbing, shaving and grinding is 5 to 50 microns.



Jim Biz

There are so many ways to answer your question but maybe this will help.

1) 4.20 states that you need to "recognize the need" for statistical techniques. Someone in the organization needs to be in charge of saying "yes" we need to gather statistical data on this or that particular issue - NOT necessarily a Part or process output data but it could also be a Pareto chart of customer complaints by catagorey.

2)Part 4.20.1 Basically says now that you recognize the need for it - how are you going to do it??? Who Does What to gather the information (who counts them? - who gets the information? - who analizes the information? - and then what TYPE of decisions are you going to make from them)
What kind of records are you going to keep - and who keeps them -

Can you focus on an SPC chart for PART/process capability? - sure but that is a small part of what statistical techniques can cover....


Fully vaccinated are you?
We need more information. Are you looking for more info on SPC specifically or Statistical Techniques (of which SPC is 1 of many)?
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