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Hello everyone,

We are a machine shop that builds/fabricates/assembles parts for customers who are required to meed DOE requirements. So as part of their flowdown to us, one of our requirements is to have a Suspect Counterfeit Identification (SC/I) program in place. We have recently registered with GIDEP, but haven't had too much time to dive into that yet. I'm trying to keep things as simple as possible, which leads me to my question...
Can anyone give me some examples of how you effectively implemented a similar process using minimal resources and personnel?
On paper it sounds simple, but realistically is looks rather involved.
I'm looking for ways that purchased materials can be verified for SC/I, with traceability for audit purposes. Who would typically perform the verifications? procurement, incoming inspection, production, quality inspection?? To me it seems all these departments would have some level of responsibility.

Any insight, examples, advice, etc... I would greatly appreciate!



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Re: Suspect Counterfeit Identification Program

Some Guidance Material is available from the IAQG SCMH website
Section 3.5.2, Counterfeit Parts Prevention Guidance

Good luck.

in addition;

Read AS5553 - Counterfeit Electronic Parts; Avoidance, Detection, Mitigation, and Disposition Verification Criteria

or use the checklist on AS6462 - is the checklist that auditors use.

If you need additional information or draft copies (evaluation period before purchasing) - send me a PM (Private Message)


Thanks for the links, I'll read through them and see what I can use to help implement our process. The AS5553 is part of the GIDEP program, and I have only skimmed through it, looks like I'll be busy today...:read:
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