Implementing First Run Capability (FRC) / First time through (FTT)



PLEAse help me out in the following matter

We are having a fully automated turning line for turning of bearing races. We want to implement FRC concept in our organisation. The basic problem is that all the machines are interlinked and it is not possible to check all the pieces coming out of the machines, thus it also makes imparcticable to check all the pieces in the final inspection.

since we are not knowing the 5 of OK material from each station as well as the final inspection is also on the sampling base, we are not able to calculate FRC of our machines and in turn the FRC of the line...

can any body help in this matter

Deependra Pareek


FRC is first Run capability or First time through (FTT)


Al Dyer

Originally posted by deependraz:
FRC is first Run capability or First time through (FTT)


This is a pretty old APQP/PPAP thread so maybe you could update us with a couple of answers.

Are you currently QS-9000 registered?

If so, what method did (or do) you use to qualify the capability of the product during the initial APQP or launch stage?

What is the state of your contract review and FMEA processes?

Some more/updated info for us to base an answer would be helpful.



deependraz said:
FRC is first Run capability or First time through (FTT)

FRC/FTT I searched some time ago, but resulted in disappointed. Where are they derived? hope any insight into ..

Bill Ryan - 2007

Without going into any customer specific type of stuff for FTT, I've seen it handled as a "Run at Rate" type of excersize. Its intention (I believe) is to provide a baseline during your first production run. You keep track of things like line downtime, overall product quality level, scrap, throughput, etc. and "grade" yourself against those metrics you've chosen as the process matures. As improvements are made, the "bar" rises from the baseline that was established.
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