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Implementing ISO 20000-1 - Where to start

John Broomfield

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Examine the system already in place for delivering quality IT services to your customers and base your updated management system on this.

You’ll probably discover that your organization is at least 80% there and that your colleagues will readily agree on the necessary additions to improve their performance.

...all because you started out by respecting the system you already have.

I doubt they’ll be much respect for other people’s procedures.
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John has it right . . . there won't be much, if any, respect for new procedures so it is important to determine what pieces of ISO 20000 SMS you already have in place. Take the standard, go through it and start checking things off the list and/or reference what's already covered. I'm going through an ISO 20000 SMS implementation project now and, considering cultural differences and people being people, this is the best avenue to take IMO. The QMS will integrate the SMS, with a basic SharePoint (file structure-like) management system set up with categories that will show documents fulfilling 13485, MDSAP, 20000, etc.
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