Implementing ISO 9001:2000 - Service Company - Where do I start?



I am working for a service company that wishes to implement ISO 9001:2000 in the near future.

We would like to do the preparation of the certification within the company.

Are there any websites, books which explain step by step how to prepare for certification?



Hi Jim, thanks for your reply.

Well, in the first place to improve ourselves and serve our customers better, in the second place it would probably also enable us to gain us a bigger market share . We have already a business specific certification. ISO would also enhance that.

M Greenaway

Hi Amber

If you really want to improve you would doubtless appreciate some specific methodology on how to improve. I would suggest adopting an approach such as Six Sigma (albeit proven quality tools) in order to make imrpovements. ISO9000 will not give you methodology in any of its chapters.
Hi Amber,

First of all, I'd say you've already found a good place to start looking. I have always found good ideas and helpful advice here.

I suggest you start off by identifying your processes (ISO9001 - 4.1), and I share Jims opinion that you ought to have a good look at ISO 9004, which offers guidance to the implementation rather than just the requirements.


Ooops.. Simultaneous posting again.. Hi Marcus
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As you already guessed I am new to this. My boss wants to obtain ISO, I did some investigation on and saw that Iso 9001:2000 integrated three previous standards. Adopting this would be like achieving a first level of performance. Afterwards it would be possible to go for the higher standards.
Basically I want to know where I can find information that would guide me step by step through this.





Welcome to the forum. You will get plenty of advise here.

This link might get you started with some basic information.

Dead link?

One thing to keep in mind is that its not a one person show. It requires support and a team of dedicated resources provided by top management.

Good luck!
Hank Fowler

Michael T

Hi Amber,

Welcome to the Cove. Your stop here is probably your best 1st step to implementing ISO 9001. The people here are really top notch and have a great deal of good information.

Just to help you on your way, you might want to look through the Free Files that Marc has set up at There is a wealth of information there.

Other than that - get your hands on a copy of the ISO standard and start reading. Any questions you might have you can do a search of the forums to find out if people have asked that before - and you can bring questions here. Most everyone is willing to help.

Again - welcome and good luck!!



hello again,

Thank you very much for all your suggestions. The list of files looks very good. Unfortunately they seem very difficult to access at the moment. I will try at another time of the day.



Thanks Claes. I'll take your advise certainly into account. I looked already through some of the other docs and the beginning of the picture is starting to form in my head.

I just went through some industry related magazines and saw that ISO 9002 is considered as the standard. If I understand correctly what I read on the ISO website this standard is now included in the ISO 9001:2000 standard. Correct?
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