Implementing ISO 9001 in a Training Centre



Has anyone ogf you ever done it for a training centre?
The system seems to look strange. I can only support document flows and administration processes by procedures... I cant make a procedure on TEACHING...


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You can't proceduralize teaching, but you design training programs (courses), don't you? It's all the same stuff.

There are a number of colleges and universities registered to ISO 9001. :thedeal:


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The 1st thing that needs to be done is to identify the product.

An elementary school a couple of years ago did ISO 9001 and realized that the students were customers and the product was the educational system itself.

Made sense to me.



Customers = Students
Design = designing training programs

Thats clear.

Maybe any practical sugestions?


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About 30 years of designing and presenting training / instruction programs for everyone from high school drop-out to PhD's, military, civilian, rocket scientists, custodians, Grunts and Generals.

Neelanshu Varma

There are a number o fthing you can look at and may be have processes for:

  • Design of course material
    Identification of teaching aids
    Selection of faculty for the course
    Screening of students to ensure they have completed the prerequisite for a particular course
    Effectiveness of training; how well are the topics understood by the students
    feedback of the students with respect to faculty's performance, etc

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