Implementing ISO9000 - Timeline showing major milestones


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Subject: Re: Q: ISO Timeline /Picklesimer/Antonov
Date: Thu, 4 Nov 1999 18:05:48 -0600
From: Moderator

From: Boncho Antonov

>I am looking for a timeline showing major milestones for ISO
>implementation. Has anyone got one to share?
>John Picklesimer


Send an email to UNCTAD/WTO, Trade Support Services, at Switzerland. The address is: [email protected] Ask them to send you the edition "Applying ISO 9000 Quality Management Systems", ISBN 92-9137-046-0. This is free. In this edition you will find considerations about ISO timeline. But give attention to the advice of Mr. Don Arbuckle, who said that there might be 100 different timelines! One of them is the timeline for your specific case. You think over, then decide.

If you are really prepared to write to WTO, you may also ask for "ISO 9000 Quality management Systems", ISBN 92-9137-047-9.

These guides are published for the need of so called by WTO "developing countries".

I think they might be useful in your case... Am I right?

Boncho Antonov
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