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Implementing Machine Replacement Part Reverse engineering technology

Our company has just created a new central fabrication division (which includes a CNC machine shop) to service several manufacturing operations. Most of what we do is to reverse engineer replacement parts for old machine systems that no longer have parts available for them. Currently, we use a FARO scan arm with the green-light 3D laser with Geo-Magic Design-X software to scan and reverse engineer the parts that we can't measure by hand. With that, I create solid models and our drafters will create drawings and CNC data for the machine shop.

The owner of the company is asking me to do extensive research on what is the industry leader in reverse engineering as well as supporting software. We don't currently do any additive manufacturing. Most of the parts are large lumber mill-type machinery. The tolerances, aren't too critical (except for bearing fits). General tolerances are around the ±.003 - ±.010" with everything else that's fabricated by our millwrights is ± 1/16". So this is not Aerospace stuff we are building. In fact, since we are an internal supplier to the company, we don't see the need for ISO certification.

Does anyone have any suggestions, or resources that would be able to narrow my search? We are also looking into the Creaform Handy Scan Black Elite 3D scanner.


Quality Manager
He's looking for the industry leader in reverse engineering for what? Do you mean he's thinking there is a standard out there or is he just wanting to research hardware possibilities like scanning CMMs and 3d scanners and such?
He is wanting to be sure that we have the best hardware/software package available to us for 3D scanning, or if there is anything superior to what we have right now.

I know this is kind of a broad question and it will ultimately come down to our specific part detail, size, access, etc.

This is only one small part of the equation, as we will also need to answer how we are going to inspect said parts once they are manufactured. I think that the FARO 3D scanner/arm combination is a good fit for that. Since we already have the GeoMagic Design-X we will probably go with the GeoMagic Control-X software for the QC side (unless there is a compelling reason to go with something else).


Quality Manager
Gotcha! I know of an inspection outfit that has a new 3D scanner they like a lot. If you want their name shoot me a PM.
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