Improvement measurment - Comparison and analysis of continous improvement actions

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Jim Biz

Improvement measurment

From what I understand ( i have not purchased a hard copy yet) - the new standards - place a premium on Comparison & analisis of continous improvement actions..

Rightfully so... although no direct procedure is required to do this - does anyone have thoughts on how to measure & report it without some type of Procedure in place???

Guess I'm leaning toward including a Cont - Improvment plan sheet in our present 4.2 Quality planning section & using the plans stated objective to set & measure the goal outcome. Ie reduce scrap by X% within X months etc.

Any thoughts?


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I look to many areas. Your quality policy has measureables. Your processes typically have measureables. Almost every company out there is doing some sort of continuous improvement. I vaguely remember someone talking about a procedure some time ago but can't remember any details. Do a Forums Search (all forums) and there are a bunch of continuous improvement threads in other forums. Obviously, there's no way to keep all CA issues in this forum.

This is from a list that was going around last fall:
Element 8.5.1- Planning for Continual Improvement states that your organization must plan and manage the processes necessary for the continual improvement of the quality management system. It brings together the continual improvement cycle. Now there are better links between the continual improvement elements throughout the standard and there are also new requirements which help support continual improvement.

The basic structure for continual improvement is supported by elements throughout the ISO 9000:2000 standard. Most of the continual improvement elements were required in the old standard, but some (such as measurement of customer satisfaction) are new. Identifying the requirements that support continual improvement in your quality system is not straight forward, and it can be argued that all elements of your quality system support continual improvement.

Element 8.5.1 serves as the meeting place for all of the elements that help facilitate continual improvement, and ties them together by requiring you to plan and manage all of these elements.

Potential Audit Questions

1. How does your organization use the quality policy, objectives, audit results, analysis of data, corrective and preventive action and management review to facilitate continual improvement?

2. Please explain your most encouraging, or discouraging, experience with ISO 9000 and your quest for continual improvement. Have most of you found that your organization has managed continual improvement throughout the life of your quality system, or have you managed to save a lot of improvement for later?

Al Dyer


I'll E-Mail you a copy of a form we use that monitors measurables for continuous improvement. It is driven through the business plan and has worked well for me in the past and might give you some ideas.

3/9/2001: The form is now on the FTP site under ASD-20_CI_measureables.


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Jim Biz

Thanks Al/Marc - any information we can get at this stage of planning will surely be helpful.



Would you mine sending me a copy of your form. I would be interested in seeing how to monitor Continuous Improvements in a simple way. Thanks

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