In-House Calibration vs. OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Calibration


Vash Stampede

In-House Calibration

Hello everyone,
We have an out-of-control calibration on one of our Thermocouple Thermometer. This requires outside calibration based on specification/documents that what we have.We have the manual of the said instrument and it states that it can only be calibrated by an authorized personnel from that manufacturer. There is also a provisions there, that it can be calibrated. It must be send to the OEM where we purchase the said instrument. Here are my concerns:
1. Would it be possible for us to calibrate the said equipment using the calibration procedure on the manual?Please advice.
2. Can we provide an ECN to change the calibration of the said equipment from outside to in-house calibration? Please comment.
3. Aren't we violating the 4.11 element regarding calibration? Please comment.
Any feedback would be appreciated.
Thank you very much.
Vash Stampede


You certainly can calibrate the instrument in-house - providing you have:
1 - An approved calibration procedure. The one in the manufacturers manual is ok to use if your system allows you to. In otherwords, your SOP that covers calibration should specify the sources of calibration procedures. Just make sure that 'manufacturer' is one of them.
2 - You have the proper, calibrated standards and equipment needed to calibrate the thermocouple.

I don't know why you would need an ECN to change where an instrument is calibrated. As long as in your documentation states what sources you can use for calibration procedures, there is no reason why you cannot calibrate the instrument in-house. The consideration here is the use of the thermocouple. If it is never used to calibrate or verify another instrument and only used to take readings, no reason to have it calibrated outside.

You are only violating 4.11 (or 7.6 in the FDIS) if in your own procedure you do not allow yourself the flexibility to decide where an instrument is best calibrated.

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I totally agree with the first reply. As thermocouple thermometers is within one of my areas of specialty, please feel free to email me directly and let me know the specifics (manufacturer and model). I may very well have calibrated that type.

They are not too difficult to calibrate. Although some manufacturers in recent years have been attempting to convince users not to calibrate their own equipment by such comments.

If you will give me some details on the meter, I ma be able to give some advice on what is needed to calibrate it correctly. Even if you do use it to measure other items, if you calibrate it correctly, and have the proper documentation coverage, it should not be a problem.

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