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In need of a new TGA sponsor - Small software company

Hi all. We're a small software company that has created a class I medical device for vision rehabilitation that was previously registered in Australia. To make a long story short, our primary distributor gave short notice that they have filed bankruptcy and wound up their operations. Feeling a bit lost at the moment as this was a relatively short lead on finding a new TGA sponsor. Any suggestions on where to start?

Ronen E

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Sounds like you are looking for a new distributor, not just a (regulatory) Australian Sponsor. Right?
Although a new distributor would be ideal, however, we have a relationship with a hardware procurement source (we use COTS hardware and then supply the software) in Australia. This group was not interested in TGA sponsorship, however.


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I hope I can write it - we (Arazy Group) can provide you with this service (and also with contact with the authorities and new registration if required) you can contact me in private
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