In PPAP what is a "suffix"


Micaelah Ash

In PPAP 3rd. edition P.13 Table I-3-2 #1, "Clarification or examples",says, "Submission is required for a new product (initial release) or a previously approved product which has a new or revised (e.g. suffix)...".
Please tell me what does it mean "suffix".
Any help is highly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Howard Atkins

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I understand this refers to a new drawing level or change of part number for example with a carry over part that has a new number for the new vehicle.

Jim Biz

With our customer prints we see part numbers listed as #xxxx-A1 and often the basic number stays the same but the "Suffix" (or ending) changes to #xxxx-A2.

It is done because some parts have been in use for 20 years or more and when MANY REVISION changes have been made this eliminates the need for listing all past Revisions in the change block.

Rather than showing a change as #xxxx-A1 Revision Z (2) the suffix is upgraded and the part listed as #xxxx-A2 Revision A.

Micaelah Ash

Thanks a lot for your reply!
After reading your reply, we checked some references given by the customer and minutes of meeting with them, and finally found what's the "suffix" in their part number!!!
I'm really appreciated to your kindness to give a great help to me!
Again, Thank you very much!
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