Include non-automotive in TS16949 Registration Scope

Dan M

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Our facility manufactures a variety of products for different industries, including automotive. We have a TS registration with a narrow scope covering only the products made for automotive, which accounts for about 10% of production. The other 90% of production is covered by a separate ISO 9001 registration. It is the same auditor, he writes one audit report, but identifies the findings that apply to the (ISO 9001) vs. TS 16949 (automotive). We then receive 2 separate certificates. Would it be possible to just roll the non-automotive products into the TS scope? Is there a reason to not?

Reg Morrison

The IATF does not allow non automotive products to be certified to 16949. On top of that, why would you want to subject yourself to the requirements of 16949 for the non automotive products?
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