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Including Internal Metrics in the Calculation of Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI).


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During Pre-audit for TS2 our auditor suggested to include internal metrics also for calculating CSI. Currently we are calculating the CSI based on yearly feedback/score collected from the customer. Internally we ae also montoring DPPM,OTD to promise, Customer complaint times, Ontime PPAP etc,but how to integrate these both outputs (Yearly feedback and monthly internal data)to calculate Overall customer satisfaction Index?


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Re: Internal Metrics for Calculating Customer Satisfaction Index

Hello there!

First, you have lots of abbreviations in your posts, and I am certainly not a Subject Matter Expert. So I will speak in general.

As far as combining them, it would entirely be up to you. You could keep internal and external separate and have two values. You could keep them separate and weigh their final value into one number. Or you could combine all of them into one value.

There are multiple options, ranging from the simple to the complex.

You could have all of them in a spreadsheet and assign weights to them. So, if you have seven metrics, you would assign weights to each that would add to 1. You could also develop a linear program and graph them.

Depending on what you are intending to do with this value, you could use a method like the Data Envelopment Analysis for comparisons to determine real deficiencies among units.

Again, it all depends on why you are trying to combine them, and what type of comparison/evaluation you are wanting to do.


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Re: Including Internal Metrics in the Calculation of Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI

Hi Ranvir,
My company (which is multi-divisional) does a formal survey of its customers and distributors every 2 years, but in between I do a quarterly report based on non-survey metrics. These include:

1. Customer Report Cards
2. Salesmen's Activity Reports
3. On-Time Delivery
4. Quote turnaround time
5. Expedite Turnaround time
6. Returns
7. Customer Complaints (without a return)

This information comes from various places around the company and from outside the company and helps to give us a more specific picture of how we look to the customer.
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