Incoming product is released for urgent production purposes prior to verification




I have a question about this element ( here at the company the incoming product released for urgent production before verification is handled almost like the normal product.
The process is: when a product arrive and it is very urgent for production, we register it with the lot number in the system SAP, but we don't make an special identification because after the final release of the product, the verification of the material must be finished and the responsible have to communicate to inspectors that the verification of the material is or not good.
My questions are:
1.- Is correct that we register the incoming product released before verification only in the System SAP? I mean we don't have papers or files to show exactly the products, we only have the system but, it is the sabe with the other NOT urgent incoming products.

2.- Is correct that we don't identify this incoming products specially?, because the identification is the same that the not urgent incoming products.

I hope you can help me with this issue.



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" Where incoming product is released for urgent production purposes prior to verification, it shall be positively identified and recorded (see 4.16) in order to permit immediate recall and replacement in the event of nonconformity to specified requirements."

The requrement is that you be able to track the material. For example, if you receive the material and identify it in your system (SAP or whatever) and later on you can say where that material went (for example what lots used that material), you are fulfilling the requirement.

So - it depends upon your over all materials and traceability systems. If the material is 'lost' once it is past receiving and you cannot determine what product (by lot or other means) the material was integrated into (or used to process), you have a problem.
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