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I am quite upset. The lawyer whom I had engaged to fight a case for my Housing Society has informed me through mail that she would no more be available for the case and that I should look for someone else to take the subject forward. I am the Chairman of the Housing Society and we had spent some money as fee to this lawyer (for which she has to give me the receipt yet). She does not take my calls (more than 10 calls in three days); she sent SMS messages that she would call back (5 such messages without any follow up call)... looks like I am helpless... how do I face my fellow members in the Housing Society.. I was responsible for appointing her in spite of reservations expressed by other members.... but now she is cool ...not responding to me.

I have paid for my Pune-Mumbai-Pune taxi on my way to/fro Malaysia via Mumbai; I was supposed to be picked up at the Mumbai International airport by the service provider when I returned from the tour. The car did not turn up to pick me up. I am waiting for more than 10 days, with quite a few follow ups for the return of the money for services not rendered.

My car (provided by the company) met with an accident in January 2008; as per the advice of our Company Insurance officer I got it repaired after the surveyor surveyed the damage. I applied for claims to the Insurance company. The surveyor conducted the survey in January. I was partially paid by the Insurance company in May 2008 (after many follow-ups). I am supposed to claim the rest of the money from my company. I am following up for the last twenty days with my Company Insurance officer with no success.

My TV conked off suddenly in April 2008; as I have covered the TV failure in my home insurance, I called the Insurance agent for help. He sent the surveyor immediately for survey. After the survey I got the TV repaired and paid the money to the service company. When I asked for claims form, the insurance agent informed me that forms were not available. He dodged me for almost a month. Finally I submitted my claims....but till date, in spite of follow up, I have not got the money (the surveyor has informed me that he had already submitted his report to the Insurance company) yet.

Is this happening only to me?..... or is this an Indian phenomenon (not known elsewhere in the world)?.... or is it that my times are not OK (as per the astrologer !!!)?.... or simply I am not good at getting the things done ? Or is it something else (use your imagination !!!)?

What do you think?
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