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I would like to ask if individual "performance evaluations" are required within the ISO 9001:2000 standards, as opposed to "training evaluation" which is certainly a requirement.

Normally I insist that a company carries out some performance evaluation actions (not necessarily sophisticated) with their personnel, but now I am being questioned on its really need to demonstrate compliance with the QSM...

Any opinions will be certainly welcomed.
Thank you in advance.

Dan Larsen

Strictly speaking, I'd say performance evaluations are not a requirement of the standard. There are many ways to evaluate training effectivity, and performance evaluations provide one reasonable vehicle to include training effectivity.

I tend to suggest to my clients that they use performance evaluations as the vehicle for monitoring training effectivity, especially if they already have a system in place. It's easier enhance the existing system than it is to design a totally new system that is likely to overlap.

If they have no existing system, I suggest performance evaluations as a possible way to go (it often fits in well with somethings they've often thought of doing), but we tend to also discuss other possibilities as well.

For a company that has a strong distaste for performance evaluations, there's nothing in the standard to push them to do them, and a different approach for monitoring training effectiveness has to be developed.


I certainly agree with you, although I have seen already one auditor asking for performance evaluation based on not only training affectivity but also on competence and awareness, i.e. 6.2.2 e) requirement (in 9001:2000), mainly on the last words: "skills and experience".
In fact, how do you evaluate skill and experience without having some form of performance evaluation, apart from training evaluation?
I think this has some logic, at lest some food for thought as well, don't you think?

Once more, thank you for your positive contribution to this issue.

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