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Matt D

Hi, I am new to this forum :bigwave:

My company is in the developing stages of implementing a machine shop. We will be bending and shaping metal as well as CNC machine custom parts. We are in the aerospace industry. I am currently looking for industry standard acceptance criteria for cosmetic and workmanship discrepancies. Can anybody help?:agree:

side note: most of the work we do is with electrical wire and cable. The wire and cable industry has a workmanship standard know as the IPC-WHMA-620. This document details all the Acceptable, process indicators and defects for any given process. I am looking for something similar with respect to sheet metal and CNC machining:agree1:


Quality Manager
You will find a lot that are customer based. Boeing as an example has a lot of BAC specs that cover a variety of things from heat treat requirements to how much pressure you can apply when checking gaps to form dies. There are other standards as well, like ASME. Do you have specific jobs or customers in mind? Do you have anyone working there that can read specs and understand where they're sending you without falling asleep?
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