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Linda Jurasin

The company I work for is going to request bids from registrars in order to select one for our QS9000 with Tooling & Equipment certification. We design, manufacture & market automated systems that apply adhesives, sealants & coatings to consumer & industrial products. Would anyone be able to give some insight on the follwoing: AGA Quality/IAS from Cleveland Ohio; NSF International Strategic Registrations Ltd from Ann Arbor Michigan; PRI from Warrendale PA; Quality Systems Registrars Inc. from Herndon VA; Smithers Quality Assessments Inc. from Akron Ohio; TUV Essen from Troy MI? I checked the Assessment of Registrars but was unable to locate the ones I listed. Thanks in advance for your help.
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Bryon C Simmons


There are only(as far as I know), six registrars, at this point, that are sanctioned to issue TE certs.the one you missed is Entela, in Grand Rapids, MI. I do know, that most of these registrars only have one or two TE-capable auditors on staff...(the test is pretty tough,,from what I understand). I have heard good things about all of these registrars......interview more than one, and go with the one that feels like the best fit with your corporate culture.

Good luck.




RAB site only has five listed that can audit to TE. They are AQSR International in Ann Arbor, Entela in Grand Rapids, NSF in Ann Arbor, SGS in Rutherford NJ, and TUV in Danvers MA. You can search on RAB site for updates as registrars are added. These are who we are currently investigating. Nothing negative so far.



Tom Goetzinger

We are also in the process of quoting registrars for TE Supplement. Because of the international business we do, we are intending to use a registrar with both RvA and RAB accreditation. We requested quotes from Entela, DNV, TUV Rheinland, ITS Intertek, LQRA, and UL. Have received quotes from Entela, DNV, and LQRA, all indicating that they will certify to TE Supplement. ITS Intertek and UL have indicated that they will quote. TUV Rheinland no quoted, indicating that they were not certified to TE yet (they are in the process of being certified), and that their internal procedures do not allow them to quote something they are not certified for.
Because of when we intend to have our registration audit (not until late this year at the earliest), I believe that many more registrars will be approved by that time. Mu current thoughts are that I'll try to pick the best match of registrar, make sure they have a documented plan for certification, and that my contract clearly states it is for TE, and go from there. I would believe that the witnessed audits are holding up some of the certifications
I notice that Perry Johnson's name is missing from the list. Thought they were one of the first to become certified; at least one of the messages on this forum indicated that.
Just had another thought. Wonder if RvA is even accrediting to TE. Guess I better check into that. The quotes I've gotten have indicated that both accreditations could be cited. Otherwise, can I get the RvA mark on the QS/ISO portion? Always another question.

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