Information sharing: Week 22, 2010 (HARDNESS, THREADS, BEARINGS)


Week 22. June 2010:
I get articles regularly on various commonly found processes and components in a typical manufacturing set-up. Though most of us know them or believe we know them, these do help to enhance and sharpen knowledge on almost every aspect of a manufacturing set-up. I intend to share them here regularly so that it is of some use to anyone concerned to manufacturing, maintenance and service fraternity. :agree:

This is the 11th of the series ......


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Good info :agree1: Thank's.

One comment about contamination in ball bearings: Their life span is often decided during the first few minutes of use.

The classic example would be metallic particles in a brand new engine or gearbox. Those particles will immediately affect all bearings in sight, bringing their lifespan down. Have you ever tried filtering the the oil of a brand new car after the first spin around the block? The result is likely to be a shock.

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